MAB20 Posters and demos catalogue

The Demos and Posters Exhibit at the MAB gives artists, architects, planners, city officials, designers, researchers and other professionals the chance to exhibit their work to an international audience, including leading practitioners and researchers in the fields of Media Architecture & Urban Interaction Design. We are looking for early-stage prototypes, more mature work-in-progress or learnings from finished projects.

Possible exhibition formats include photos, posters (as a collection of images), videos, diagrams, and other formats that can be presented online. Demos and Posters could be used to showcase artworks in public space, media architecture elements such as facades or interactive installations, research projects, smart city & citizen or living lab experiments, design prototypes of products and services, city visions, conceptual (design) frameworks etc.

The focus of the Demos & Posters Exhibit is on sharing insights and learnings of upcoming, ongoing and recently finished projects. Exhibits should make these learnings, insights, goals or conceptual frameworks involved clear and invite visitors to reflect and discuss. A good submission explains the questions or issues it addresses, the proposed intervention and how this is supposed to work as well as insights or learnings derived from the project.

Demos and Posters will be exhibited online during the MAB from Jun 28 – Jul 2. Presenters will be given a spot in an online exhibition space, and are expected to be present online to discuss their work with visitors during the conference time slots reserved for the Demos and Posters exhibition (approximately 1 hour between June 30-July 2nd). We expect these periods to be lively sessions where presenters will receive feedback from an international audience.

Demos and Posters will be documented in the Media Architecture Online archive – a publicly accessible website. Those who wish to do so, can also submit an official abstract in ACM-format to be published in the official conference proceedings.

The proposals are anticipated to relate to one or more of the MAB20 main curatorial themes:

  • The Aesthetics and Poetics of Responsive Urban Spaces
  • Citizens’ Digital Rights in the Era of Platform Ecologies
  • Playful & Artistic Civic Engagement
  • Restorative Cities
  • More-Than-Human Cities




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